10 Awesome Ways To Heal Naturally

Ok,  I’m going to give you the keys to healing.  These are the things that I’ve learned are the most important paths to healing.  They are not the only ways.  Of course there are big pieces of the puzzle and small ones.  The following are BIG PIECES.  Holistic means “the whole”.  Holistic healing is mental, physical, spiritual and emotional so don’t just think that you can change your diet and be healthy.  You may need to cry.  You may need to exercise.  You may need a job change.  You may need to cleanse ect…  This is a never ending journey.  You’re not done after this life is over!  Enjoy the ride and be good to yourself.   

I’m Brett Rodgers, massage therapist.  If you like my articles please see my web site too!  I make the worlds best custom orthotics for the feet, cool and natural sitting cushions and awesome millet hull pillows!                                             

Connect with the source, the Divine, God/Goddess, Allah, Christ, Jah, the Earth or whatever you choose to call creation.  The answers will come.   Anything worth while takes work.  Building spirituality is no exception to the rule.  Find a church, a place in nature, or a special room on your home.  Some people pray for hours a day!  They’re building their ability to transmit and receive energy from the source.  In order to find the answers sometimes we have to go to the big library and I mean the BIG library!  You can beat your brains out trying to figure something out on your own or you can just ask the divine source of all creation.  Like magic, the answer will come.  These ways to heal are listed in order of importance.  This first one is heads and tails above the others. Oh, while your praying remember to thank the source for all the good things that you’ve been given!  We are so lucky to be alive and to have the opportunity to do great things.   
Give and recieve love, knowledge, peace, joy, laughter, strength, compassion, and all good things to people, your angels, the animals, the plants, the Earth and the entire universe.  If you connect with Jah, (African word for God) these good things and others will just come to you!  Yes!   If you give life, you will receive life.  Ask yourself, what is my true nature?  Beyond the anger, the fear, and the pain, we are LOVE!  God is LOVE.  Be LOVE today in all you do and love will come your way!  
Keep learning.  Keep reading good books, watching informative programs and always expanding your horizons.  Take a break if you need to but don’t forget to always learn something new and keep life full of variety.  I have a list of excellent books on my web site.     
Learn to listen and when you speak, do it from the heart.  If you learn to listen to people, animals, trees, and the voice within, you will get the answers that you ask for.  The answers can come from anywhere!  It’s crazy but I often get the clues from songs in the grocery store.  Lol.  The other day I picked up a piece of paper in the yard that I thought was trash and it turned out to be exactly what I needed!  There are no coincidences.  Everything happens for a reason.  If you have faith, then you know that death, destruction, and all the rest are all a part of life and an opportunity for us to learn and grow.  If you learn to listen, you will avoid much of these difficulties.  Also, please speak from the heart and speak your truth.  You have the truth within.  This truth will not always be the same as other peoples’ truths.  Do not try to please everybody.  For this is impossible.                                                                                       
Figure out what you’re here for.  Before you came here you must have agreed to do something good during this lifetime.  What was it?  What are you good at?  What really rocks your boat?  You must do something wonderful that makes others say, “Wow, you really do a good job.”  It doesn’t have to be something that would shake Hollywood.  Just something that makes God proud.  If you make God proud, you’ll make yourself proud. 
Take care of your body.  People take care of their cars, their houses, their stamp collection, ECT. But they forget to take care of their own bodies!  Hum…  Boggles the mind!   Eat whole foods, preferably organic, healthy foods.  Don’t eat foods that you are allergic to.  The most common allergens are WHEAT, DAIRY, SOY, YEAST, CORN, PEANUTS, and EGGS.  Don’t overeat.  Drink juice either from the store or from your own juicer.  BREATHE!  Take in more and more air every day!  Learn about FOOD COMBINING.  Read, “Healing With Whole Foods” by Paul Pitchford.  Learn how to cleanse and regenerate your body.  Call me for a consultation or to find out about a class I may be teaching.   Exercise!  Walk, run, do yoga, breathe, go to the club, whatever!  If you get stiff, you’ll become a stiff.  If you don’t stay strong, you’ll get weak.  Hum, that makes sense.  Lol.  You’re in charge of you.  Just do it! 
Get together with others.  Go to gatherings of people that are interested in the same things and maybe even different things than you.  Be social!  Share your interests.  Speak your mind.  Learn from others experiences.  For years I went to Alanon (friends and family of alcoholics) to heal from my fathers abuse and neglect.  I really needed that support and family of people to help me through back then.  All people need to come together as one.  This is part of evolution.  When we come together, we see our differences but more importantly, we see our similarities and begin to understand that we really are all the same.  WE’RE ALL THE SAME.  Beyond race, color, sexual preference, religion, sex, and all the other small stuff, we all need the same MORE IMPORTANT STUFF:  To love and be loved, to have friends, to have clean air, food and water,  to laugh, to cry, to have a warm place to live, to touch and be touched, ECT.  It’s not always easy to get out there and be social.  Once again, IT TAKES WORK TO HEAL.
Sit peacefully, breathe and meditate every day.  Try to “turn off” the mind for a while.  My mom calls it a “Zen Moment” Our world is full of so much stress!  Our brains are full of too much stuff!  What if we could just flick a switch and turn off our minds?  What if we could shut down the motor and let it cool for a while?  Give it a break.  Got a little song in your head that won’t go away?  Oust it!  Sit and just be quiet for a while.  This is mind work.  Like exercise, it takes work to calm the mind.  WE HAVE TO WORK FOR HEALTH.  For most of us it’s as difficult as or even more difficult to calm the mind than it is to educate the mind.  Both are important!
Find a healer.  I choose natural healing over artificial.  I want the real deal because I’m not afraid to do the work.  Get a massage, acupressure/acupuncture, hypnotherapy, psychiatry, naturopathic doctor, or any other specialist that doesn’t have money as their highest priority.  North Carolina has state licensed naturopaths.  Also try herbs.  Herbs are from God.  They are totally natural and don’t give you all the nasty side effects that the man made, greed based medicines do.      Ask, how much time do you give me?  This is a good question when looking for a therapist/doctor.  Do they just write a prescription in a flash or do they have the time to sit and talk… no…to sit and LISTEN?  You’re the boss.  You choose your healer.   is a great site that has just about any type of holistic healing practitioner.
Don?t worry, be happy!  Sing the song.  Here’s a little song I wrote.  You might want to sing it note for note.  Don’t worry, be happy.

Hi there! I’m Brett Rodgers, owner of Vitality Massage in beautiful Asheville, NC. http://www.vitalitymassage.net  I love my work as a massage therapist but I also do holistic healing of all kinds including holistic teaching consultations and coaching. Know that I do not “give advice” but do share experiences. Please also see my various millet hull and buchwheat hull body support products. I.E. Millet hull pillows, buckwheat hull back supports, and millet hull orthotics. Thanks so much for your time!

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