1893 Columbian Exposition Stamp

Some cool stamp collection images:

1893 Columbian Exposition Stamp
stamp collection
Image by Svadilfari
2 cent 1893 Columbian Exposition Stamps in my collection. The Columbian Exposition stamps were issued by Postmaster General John Wanamaker and were the nation’s first commemorative postage stamps. Printed by the American Bank Note Company, the stamps were issued to commemorate the World Columbian Exposition held in Chicago, Illinois, from May 1 to October 30, 1893.

Licked in 1945…
stamp collection
Image by laszlo-photo
no… not the stamps…

Love is
stamp collection
Image by Chapendra
Postcards and stamps. Back years ago when my Grandma could walk, my Grandpa and her would go EVERYWHERE in the RV. She would send me a post card from every location or every sudden change in the trip. I’ve kept every single one. These are just four more I just found.

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