206/365: secret #24

Some cool stamp collector images:

206/365: secret #24
stamp collector
Image by malik ml williams
i’m a collector

not stamps or model airplanes or butterflies or anything like that. just shit that comes into my possession. i should have been voted "least likely to throw anything away." i know it’s fear of loss that drives my behavior, but loss of what i don’t know.

this picture is me with one of my actually practical collections: my books. or some of ’em. that shelf behind me is crammed (sometimes two stacks deep). there are a few others scattered around the room. the ones i’m holding in my hand i’m muddling through right now. and of course the one in my lap i consumed this past weekend. but that’s not all. i have about six or seven 12x12x12 boxes of books in storage. and i have about three dresser-drawers full still at my parents’ house in detroit.

now y’all know damn well i haven’t read all these books.

in any case, i’ve seen a vision of my future and it scares me: pack rat in the extreme. "stuff" consuming an entire room with no space left for me. to quote phyllis yvonne stickney, "somethin’ have got to be did."

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