As a stamp collector is it ok to glue my stamps onto a piece of notebook paper in my notebook?

Question by Orion!: As a stamp collector is it ok to glue my stamps onto a piece of notebook paper in my notebook?
im not going to like resale them there just for viewing myself, but i want to do it right but i have this huge notebook for myself and i glued some of my stamps according to country on a piece of notebook paper and was tihnking of just adding it to my notebook is this ok?

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Answer by Gorkbark Porkduke Gefunken Fubar

Gluing them in is incorrect

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7 Responses to “As a stamp collector is it ok to glue my stamps onto a piece of notebook paper in my notebook?”

  1. reporter says:

    no. put them in a wax sleeve

  2. Megan says:

    why not?!

  3. Gregory says:

    If they are only for yourself it wont matter too much, but it is better to keep them on the paper they were found on if you can. Glueing them could bleed through with time.

  4. Prabh S says:

    yes i collect them too and it on notebook paper and nothing happened

  5. Matt says:

    even if it’s just for your own viewing, you can surely make it look a little neater for not very much money. I’m sure they sell plastic sleeves with little pockets for each stamp, or even if you’re just going to glue them in, I would at least use computer paper rather than notebook paper.

  6. The Teacher says:

    It’s ok if you don’t want these stamps to have any value. However, there may be a chance that some of these are worth something. In this case, buy a stamp collector’s album to keep your stamps in. I just wouldn’t glue them at all.

  7. railbuff says:

    For heaven’s sake, NO!
    Glue will prevent the stamp from ever leaving that page or paper and will be therefore worthless, both money wise and as a collectible item.
    Also do not lick an unused stamp and stick it in for the same reason.
    For used stamps – you can purchase stamp hinges – small pieces of pre-folded semi-transparent paper that have been double gummed. This allows them to be removed from the stamp with a minimum of soaking.
    If the stamp is mint (original gum intact) you can purchase stamp mounts.
    Almost all stamp dealers sell the materials mentioned, and in smaller towns, a stationery store is a good bet. Post offices in North America sell stamp supplies also.
    Another alternative is keep your stamps in a stock book. These come in various shapes and sizes – they are thick pages with long sleeves made especially for stamp collecting.
    If you decide to make your own pages, make sure you get acid-free paper. This is sometimes sold as archival paper. Acid will also damage stamps.
    Finally, to get first hand information – join a stamp club.

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