Atheism and stamp collecting, which one is the hobby??

Is NOT collecting stamps a hobby???
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25 Responses to “Atheism and stamp collecting, which one is the hobby??”

  1. GODandPEACE says:

    It is wrong to preach atheism just as much as it is wrong to preach religion, besides how can any true atheist find pride in impacting someone else’s thinking and turning them into atheists which goes against what atheism is all about; allow people to think for themselves.

  2. Exshinrasoldier says:

    totaly agree with you bret.

  3. Chibithy says:

    Ha yeah I’m not sure what that is, most likely the album will end up in my basement for dozens of years collecting dust. I doubt I ever have any real use for it, except as a garage sale filler. Also I would like to point out that I have these really old pennies from various times, some before they put Lincoln on them.

  4. clevonamerica says:

    dont let them go to coinstar…lol

  5. Chibithy says:

    I don’t know, tell you the truth I just have a album with really old dimes a friend gave me :/

  6. clevonamerica says:

    what is your most valuable dime?

  7. teague67 says:

    i think the stamp collecting issue could be good comedy material. eg “not stamp collecting is just stamp collecting of the gaps”, or ” so, ur saying a lincoln stamp with no beard exists just because ur book says so?”

  8. clevonamerica says:

    i think stamp collecting is funny because its called philately..

  9. teague67 says:

    i think the stamp collecting issue could be good comedy material

  10. clevonamerica says:

    live and let live is a great rule and i like to think of myself as a wait-and-see-theist..hehe
    yeah i like your brain

  11. therealaug says:


    sounds like people i know!

    and unfortunately there is extremes on both sides, even i have had mean comments sent to me by atheists for sarcasm… tends to happen a lot on youtube

    i see it as if no one is being hurt or oppressed and they are happy leave them be to what they want!(which is my problem with some religions, especially circumcision)

    probally the same view point you have yeah?

  12. clevonamerica says:


    i bet you and i are very similar in our views about if there is a god. i still want some proof but then my wife says…isnt your life and the miracles that saved your life,arent they enough to prove there is something more? you should look at a comment an atheist sent me this morning with graphic abusive threatening language telling me to choose between atheism or strict adherence to a holy book. i told him its my choice..he was like an angry priest..thats not you

  13. therealaug says:


    well maybe in that incase i do not understand, not being devoted to disbelief myself and still searching for answers in this world =]

    but it does bother me to characterize people who are not devoted to it and who are devoted to it to be under the same wing, which many people do

    accepted the friend invite and thank you!

  14. clevonamerica says:

    no not the negation of my belief but the devotion to disbelief and the belabouring of said disbelief and the religious adherence to disbelief..if that doesnt apply to you then theres nothing to talk not really religious btw..i do think there might very well be a god though..


  15. therealaug says:


    but should someone who feels something you do is being pushed on them argue back? well yeah!

    exactly what nonbelievers do

    so in your head clevon you really think thats makes it a “religion”? just because it takes action against what you believe?

    im astonished

  16. therealaug says:

    people are not turning it into a religion by simply argueing against it, all they are doing is putting down the reason why you are doing so

    just like putting down any other concept like telling people why not to be stamp collectors

    that may be considered ridiculous! but what about putting down concepts that effect us like rape and murder? does putting down acts of violence make putting it down an act of violence too? NO!

  17. skyydawg123 says:

    That’s a terrible analogy. YouTube atheists are obsessed with atheism. That’s all they seem to think and care about. They subscribe to other atheists, and talk with them about their atheism all day. You wouldn’t have a show called “the Non-Stamp collecting experience”. But there is a show on YouTube called the “Atheist Experience”. I know that If I didn’t believe in God, I certainly wouldn’t worry about him.

  18. BonsaiSky says:

    Excellent response Brett. Wonderfully put.

  19. DawahFilms says:

    Testy, aren’t we?

  20. Cimbolic says:

    I agree that worhiping something “in negation” qualifies as religious activity.

    It defines itself as the negation of something else, and is thus, in a sense, a shadow of it, lacking a positive being of its own.

  21. retepvosnul says:

    You really are an insufferable arrogant bastard. You don’t even properly read comments, you assume all sorts of things that are not written. you refuse to comment on topic and you take everything that you can out of proportion and or context if it suits your petty needs. You do not even follow comment concepts and definitions, but instead make up your own !.

    This makes it not a lot of fun to have a debate with you.

    Even by your skewed definition of “Hobby” you need another one.

  22. DawahFilms says:

    Keep telling yourself that.

    Have fun in your intellectual vacuum.

  23. retepvosnul says:

    You have not a clue , have you.
    Comment devoid of any form of insight are tiring enough, I think It is not worth bothering with you.

    Clue by 4’s are easily available if you wish, but you don’t do you.


  24. DawahFilms says:

    What extremes?

    Atheists can clearly be a group of people and an organization, especially if their unifying idea is to oppose Theists (Anti-Theism), which is noticeable in many contemporary Atheists today.

    Evidence is typically viewed by many contemporary Atheists in line with Dawkins and every other paper back mentor of the New York Times list, as merely tangible scientific data.

    Which to any person who thinks beyond the microscope, is sheer nonsense and weakens scientific inquiry itself.

  25. retepvosnul says:

    Taking the definition of evidence and dogma to new extremes I see. “Evidence”. That which can be twisted to suit our truth and “Dogma”. Any generalized collection of ideas other people could stand by. It does not even deserve a comment, but just in case this was a honest mistake and not a malevolent slur. Atheism is not an organization, not a group of people who act together. The action of one do not reflect on the other. It is a generalization that is at least a bit rude. But mostly wrong.

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