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For most of us a businesses card is something we use to give to clients and customers or receive from them, to keep their names and contact details easily accessible. Some of us may even hang onto that very first businesses card we ever had made, or from that special job or position we once held. Others go just a step further and actively collect businesses cards as a hobby.

There is even a museum dedicated to businesses cards. If you had the choice which businesses card would you want to have the most? A celebrity? A businesses tycoon such as John D. Rockefeller or would you rather have some obscure businesses card from 100 of years ago?

The International Businesses Card Collecting Museum features an impressive collection of businesses cards from around the world collected and donated to curator Jack Gurner. He currently displays businesses cards collected from the World Trade Center which is many ways is a gloomy reminder of history via business cards.

The internet has given the ever increasing number of businesses card collectors a chance to trade businesses cards from around the world to add to their collections with people who are just as passionate about their hobby as they are themselves.

Several guides to collecting businesses cards are available online, providing hints and tips as to where the most unique and sort after business cards can be located throughout the world.

According to business card collector Ken Dupuy the easiest way to begin collecting business cards is to spread the word to family, friends and businesses colleagues. When they go on trips or meet new business acquaintances they will think of you and bring back a card for your collection.

For obtaining rare cards, writing a personal letter can get you some unique cards, a good idea is to explain why you collect them and compare with coins and stamps, detailing and explaining why you think their card is just right for your collection. You can also try to write to other collectors and ask them to look out for you niche of interest.

The advice by the experts is to simply collect what business cards you like. It can be totally random or cards with a certain theme, or from a specific industry. There is no right or wrong -it is purely a matter of personal interest and preferences!

Businesses cards should be stored in dry conditions in a box and preferably in plastic sheets around them. This will help keep them in mint condition and make them easier to trade.

When it comes to trading, you should look to not trade any standard black and white cards, unless they belong to a celebrity. Most traders are interested in a specific geographic location such as a town or country. Try to send as many that will fit the category which the trader is interested in. That way they will be more motivated to keep you in mind next time!

Maybe this has inspired you to collect businesses cards yourself? The International Businesses Card Collecting Museum is worth checking even if you are not a big collector. It is interesting to have an insight as to how a simple businesses card can tell a big story, such as the current collection from the World Trade Center.

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