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Some cool stamp collecting images:

Bloodstone seal stamps
stamp collecting
Image by LiuTao
Bloodstone, one of the three famous traditional seal stones in China, is produced in Changhua County of Lin’an, Zhejiang. It got its name from its bright red mottles like chicken blood. Bloodstone of Chuanghua is featured by mottles as red as cinnabar and a texture as smooth as jade, and is the best material for seals. Bloodstone is a natural matrix of such clay minerals as dickite, kaolinite and pyrophyllite that contain cinnabar. Its mineral vein can be found sometime, but in small reserve, and is difficult to excavate.

It began to be used at the end of the Yuan Dynasty and was highly valued since the reign of Emperor Qianlong of the Qing Dynasty. Bloodstone handcrafts and seals were widely collected by royal family members and nobles at that time.

Bloodstone products entered in recent years the international trading market for jewelry, and have become a distinctive commodity.

The principal design of the first stamp is an imperial seal with ”Qian Long Chen Han”(Emperor Qianlong’s handwriting) cut in seal characters in relief. With red mottles at the top of the seal in the shape of silk threads, the seal is warm and slippery the quality, refined in carving and vivid in image. A water-side landscape full of vigor is shown in the seal that is called “a small painting created by the infinitely resourceful god”. It is one of the most exquisitely carved seals of Emperor Qianlong. The principal design of the second stamp is the imperial seal of “Wei Ji Wei Kang” cut in seal characters in intaglio. An imposing dragon among the clouds was carved on the seal, with red mottles distributed on its body in form of clusters. This seal was used by Emperor Jiaqing of Qing Dynasty to remind himself of the way of administering the stete.

guess who
stamp collecting
Image by Yersinia
Portrait of Tom Baker made from a mosaic of Machin definitive sramps by Peter Mason, the post-pop art man.

Seen in the window of London stamp centre on the Strand.

Originally posted to the Guess Where London group on 06-03-09.

See where this picture was taken. [?]

Tarragona – 1976
stamp collecting
Image by Gonmi
Exposicion Filatelica dedicada al Ahorro.

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