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Check out these stamp collecting images:

British railways Poster stamps from 1936
stamp collecting
Image by mikeyashworth
In 1936 the Children’s Newspaper issued a series of poster stamps, that you collected every week with an issue, and an album to keep them in. Here are poster stamps for Blackpool and Morecambe (by the LMS) and York (LNER).

Seven lucky Gods stamp collection
stamp collecting
Image by fugutabetai_shyashin
If you travel to each of the Toukaidou Seven Lucky Gods Temples in Shinagawa, you can collect stamps for each one (of course, the posterboard does cost you a bit initially.)

Coins and Stamps 2
stamp collecting
Image by celesteh
4 December 2006

Small Zwarte Piets in the window of a stamp and coin collecting shop in the Passage in Den Haag.

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