Cool Stamp Collection images

Some cool stamp collection images:

El Salvador Passport Stamp
stamp collection
Image by tm-tm
For the Lonely Planet Collection

35 Jahre RGW booklet with stamps DDR
stamp collection
Image by sludgegulper
Outer covers of souvenir stamp collection booklet, with flag of the RGW, Rat für gegenseitige Wirtschaftshilfe , SEV – Сове́т Экономи́ческой Взаимопо́мощи in Russian or COMECON in English.
It resembles a Green Shield or Co-op stamp booklet, with 21 inserted and postally invalid stamps depicting achievements of the RGW ,all bearing the symbol – upper right- of the DSF , Deutsche Sowjetische Freundschaft , descriptions of 20 examples of Zusammenarbeit , a list of participatory nations and a warm statement from Yuri Andropov. The RGW was Founded in 1949, the GDR joined in 1950 as it had only come into existence on 7 October 1949. The red bar chart is very very encouraging,although showing signs of stagnation.

Monogram stamps of Sims Reeves
stamp collection
Image by kladcat
Monogram stamps of Sims Reeves (I S R, i.e. John Sims Reeves), 1818-1900

Established form: Reeves, Sims, 1818-1900

Penn Libraries call number: EC85 H9570 857a

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