Do you know anything about stamp collecting?

Question by Virginia: Do you know anything about stamp collecting?
I have just decided to take up stamp collecting. I don’t know where to get the stamps, or even where your supposed to keep them.
I live in Toronto, Canada if that makes a difference.
I’m hoping to understand also what the point of it is, I’m doing it because I love to try new things, But I’ve heard people can really get into it. Do you know why?
If so, please let me know, thanks.

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Answer by Allison
These sites have a lot of information:

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  1. Balrulto says:

    Stamp collecting as a hobby is easy because you can get the stamps from envelopes. Just ask your friends / parents / office co-workers to pass you the envelopes with stamps that is it.

    For a start, you might want to concentrate on stamps from Canada, simply because you can get more of them, and there is satisfaction when you can collect more of the stamps.

    You can keep the stamps in the stamp albums, which are available at hobby shops. If not, just keep them in boxes as a start. Keep them dry.

    The point of stamp collecting is to get to know more about the history / objects captured by the stamps. As you collect them, you come to know more about the Canadian events (for example), and explore the other events / animals / flora from other countries through the stamps.

    It is not a competitive hobby (at least for most people it is not), so just take it in a leisurely pace, and have fun! :)

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