Family Crest – Stamp collecting

I bought this book last weekend at a local antique flea market, I didnt excatly know what they were, but after looking into them on the internet I think they are called wafer seals, and were to seal envelopes and they also helped in reducing counterfit documents. If anyone has any info on these please leave a comment, I have not been able to find out much about these on the internet, My favourite one is the skull and crossbones one.
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Requested video to show how I organise my rubber stamp collection.

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26 Responses to “Family Crest – Stamp collecting”

  1. sideshowtink says:

    Beautiful stuff! FABULOUS!

  2. craftydiva10 says:

    Love your videos! I’ve only recently been converted to vintage and scrapbooking ~ You Tube has been an amazing find which has taken over from videos. I can’t get out to classes so no longer feel as if I’m struggling along alone :-)

    Have you ever considered unmounting your wood stamps? I am doing this ATM to save on storage space.

  3. DecoratingMemories says:

    awesome collection….. I wonder if you live near me… =) Lol Where do you buy your stamps?

  4. minniemate says:

    Wow,thought I had quite alot of stamps but your collection is way impressive, awesome selection and thanks for the index ideas.

  5. RachO113 says:

    @kayearlkay Most of my stamps are online purchases — If you look at the names on the boxes and put them into google, you should find the websites of companies quite easily. Let me know if you need any further help. Hugs, Rach

  6. artmingle says:

    Ohhh Emmm Geeee! I love this ! You have an awesome selection of stamps! Thank you so much for sharing your ideas for storage. Best XXX

  7. gaylebear says:

    Wow! Great organization system! You have so many stamps and I am so jealous, Lol! I’m also a box freak and I love those clear plastic boxes you have your stamps stored in! I love that they are flat and clear from box to lid! TFS!

  8. nunjai says:

    OOOOOOOOOhhhhhhhhh my gosh! Loved watching your video! Ideas to store and ideas to purchase. Thanks so much for sharing!


  9. kayearlkay says:

    wow this is awesome. Thank you for the tips. Also where can we get the stamps that you have? I have never heard of many of them. I live in a very small town so I have to buy online for a lot of stuff. Can you let me know where I can start collecting these stamps they are divine…simply beautiful. Thanks

  10. stampinscrappinmms says:

    Oh my WOW… I envy your collection but I so love your organizational system!!! Simply fantastic. TFS!

  11. NJGardengirl1961 says:

    Absolutely DREAMY collection! The binder is genious. Thanks for sharing. Sharon 😀

  12. Wentworthsgal says:

    @RachO113 Yipeeeee!!!! :oD Can’t wait :o) hugs x

  13. TheMoparlvr says:’ve got ALLOT of stamps..Thanks for showing your organization of them. Love your idea of stamping images and putting in notebook. I’m going to work on that..won’t take me all that long for my stamps though :-)

  14. myautumnsunset says:

    Love your idea of stamping the images and put them in the binder. I’m gonna have to do that too! TFS:)

  15. paperdragonfly12 says:

    Wow, you’re super organized! Must admit … I may be a tad jealous ’cause I’m still looking for a way to organize all my stuff that works well for the way I craft and the limited space I have. I can’t believe some of those images … they stamp so clean and crisp at first glance you’d never know they were stamps! I guess that’s another huge difference between red rubber and clear stamps. TFS some amazing tips!

  16. RachO113 says:

    @lajkitty Shhh, don’t tell anyone I spent that much! lol

  17. RachO113 says:

    @itsaworkofart Not always! lol

  18. RachO113 says:

    @redberrycrumble Yes, I’ll so a full room tour sometime soon, Hugs, Rachel

  19. RachO113 says:

    @Wentworthsgal I’ll try to do a full room tour sometime soon! Hugs, Rachel

  20. 07baileyt says:

    I love the laminate idea. Thanks. Tara

  21. itsaworkofart says:

    WOW!!! Rach, LOVE all your stamps collections! you are so neat, tidy and very organised! TFS;)

  22. CraftsDotCupCake says:

    @RachO113 Hi Rachel, So The Stazon Cleaner rots the clear stamps?? I did not know that!!! lol

  23. CraftsDotCupCake says:

    OMG, You have soooooo much stuff!! I can’t believe it!!!
    lol :)

  24. ArtofMarie says:

    Very organized! You have a wonderful collection of rubber!

  25. redberrycrumble says:

    Thanks Rach, that’s so useful to see. Can we see how you organise the rest of your craft room as well? Keep the videos coming, you’re such an inspiration!

  26. Wentworthsgal says:

    Wow!! That is an impressive collection of stamps my dear!!! I’d love to see the rest of your craft room if you wouldn’t mind showing us around? :o) TFS x

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