Flexible Craft Lamp Offers Visual Versatility

There are very few crafting hobbies that don’t require some level of visual acuity. Activities like stamp collecting, jewelry making, cross stitch, sewing, leather work and others all require that the eyes process detailed information on a continual basis. This means that they must have light enough to do so–the right kind of light. This is where a quality craft lamp may be particularly useful.

There are a number of different craft lamps on the market, but it is the technology utilized in these lamps that set them apart from the others. The standard incandescent and florescent bulbs so typically found in normal lamps emanate a dull, imbalanced light–the world under their illumination is discolored. Yet because we are so used to living with it, we do not realize just how ugly (and inaccurate) our artificial lights make the world.

Quality craft lamps eliminate this imbalance by providing a full-spectrum illumination that allows us to view colors more accurately. Aside from installing panoramic windows, these lamps are the closest things to sunlight that you can purchase for your craft room. Yet even sunlight can’t give you the low-glare detail that these lamps can provide, which greatly reduces eyestrain and makes details far easier to see. This allows you to work a great deal more comfortably and efficiently.

Other features that make a good craft lamp stand out in the lighting market are a flexible design and pivoting shade. A twisty neck and shade allows you to direct the light precisely where you need it, at practically any angle. These are the sorts of features that one doesn’t realize are essential in crafting until they are used in practice; the adjustability is beyond convenient. This flexibility makes using the lamp in your crafting projects much more practical and fun.

Another advantage is the lamp’s light weight and portability. Rare is the lamp that is narrow and lightweight enough to pack into a sewing bag! This allows users to take the lamp wherever they may need to work; they can carry it back and forth between home and office if necessary, and can easily bring it along to use at crafting club meetings.

Light weight and portability could actually be a disadvantage in some craft lights; tipping an incandescent bulb could result in burned skin and damaged projects, or even fires in the worst-case scenario. To avoid this, find a light-weight lamp with a low heat output for a far safer alternative to traditional lamps. Even if a pet or child were to knock it over, it is refreshing to know that you won’t lose your most valued possessions–not to mention your far more precious pets and family!

While using any standard lamp in your craft space may give you enough light to work with, there are many factors to be considered when choosing a lighting source for your space. Natural, full-spectrum illumination, safety, versatility and ease of use should be among them.

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