Getting A Stamp Collectors Magazine

Getting A Stamp Collectors Magazine

The widespread popularity of collecting stamps tremendously increased several years after the launch of the first postage stamp in 1840. This phenomenon prompted the publication of stamp catalogs. The release of catalogs created a dramatic transformation on the hobby of stamp collection. It has made the pastime more interesting and systematic.

Catalogs are grouped into two major categories:

1.    General Catalogs

–    These catalogs include the lists, illustrations, descriptions and evaluations of all postage stamps of the world.

2.    Specialized Catalogs

–    These are catalogs which have specific listing of stamps from a single country or a particular kind of stamps.

They serve the collector 2 major purposes:

1.    Stamp Identification

–    Once a collector finds the exact picture in the catalog which matches his stamp, he can easily get all the information he needs to know- category, origin, date of publication etc.

2.    Stamp Value

–    Catalogs are a collector’s reference for stamp values. However, prices written in these catalogs are not accurate. Since stamp catalogs are published once every year, and the market value varies unpredictably, estimated values in the catalog can either be lower or higher than the present market value. It can only serve as guides to actual market values.
For years, stamp catalogs gave collectors a lot of advantage. However, it is limited. And because the number of new hobbyists continued to grow, publishing houses and even collectors’ clubs felt the need to have a more informative and creative readings for collectors- in the form of magazines. Soon, the popularity of this pastime further accelerated, as new magazines and journals emerge one after the other. Some of the most famous stamp collectors’ magazines are:

– American Philatelist

– Australian Stamps

– Canadian Stamp News

– The Compulatelist

– Gibson’s Stamp Monthly

– Global Stamp News

– The GB Journal

– International Stamp News

– Linn’s Stamp News

– Mekeel’s and Stamps Magazine

– The Philatelic FKR Magazine

– Scott Stamp Monthly

– Stamp Collector

Each magazine came out with its own gimmicks and attractions. Other magazine outfits took the edge in frequency. Some of them release an issue every quarter, some, every monthly, and some, weekly. Most of them also included stories and highlights such as: analysis and advice of leading stamp collecting authorities, the 100 most valuable stamps, the world’s largest stamp marketplace, and many more.
Stamp collectors’ magazines do not only inform. They entertain. They persuade. Indeed, they made stamp collecting a worthwhile hobby.

Shortly, even collectors’ clubs released informative magazines and journals on stamps and stamp collection. These journals turned out to be the hand book of every stamp collector, beginner or expert.

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