How and what is stamp collecting ?

Question by jayanthi s: How and what is stamp collecting ?
Okay, well my friends have recently started to collect stamps.
It just brings a question into my mind … why stamps?
Like, I don’t mean to be offensive or anything, just curious.
How do you collect stamps ? does there have to be a subject (e.g. animals, leaders, plants etc.) ?
And do stamps expire ? or no matter how old it is, can you still post mail using it?
Is there a specific type of book you need to put it in ?

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Answer by Mikey, just Mikey
I think it’s the world’s stupidest hobby along with coin collecting. Whoever has the most money has the best collection. Big deal.

Stamps – specifically, uncancelled never used stamps – never expire. Presumably, however, if they have collectors value you’re better off using new stamps.

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  1. Bob says:

    Like collecting anything, if it interests you, go for it. Calling anyone else’s collecting interests stupid like the other responder did does show a fair lack of – well, let’s not go there.

    You can collect stamps in lots of ways. By topic (like dogs or penguins on them), or by country, or all of the world up to some cut-off date, or on the envelopes (postal history) – and there are lots of other ways. Again, nobody can tell you what to collect or not to collect.

    Some stamps have been demonetized – that is, they are no longer valid for postage. The North did that at the beginning of the US Civil War so the postage held by the South was no longer valid. Those really old stamps can’t be used, but they are too valuable to collectors to try anyway, and today’s postal clerks probably wouldn’t know the difference if you did. A number of European countries made their older postage stamps invalid when they went the Euro for currency, as well.

    There are albums for stamps, and what are called stock books that let you collect free-form – anything that is archival is usable. Never tape stamps down or glue them, or use one of those sticky-backed photo books – what you put on those will be ruined.

    If you are interested, there probably is a stamp club in your area or on the internet and lots of collectors will be glad to help.

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