How do I start stamp collecting?

stamp collecting

Question by MDeeh: How do I start stamp collecting?
I want to start stamp collecting but I have no idea where to start. If you have any tips please tell me also.

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Answer by Pat
It’s called numismatics.

Your local post office has kits
go to
Hobby stores have albums, books, and other stuff
find a club online
get a book about it

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  1. hairbender says:

    Go through your mail, and remove the stamps that you can find there. Get a good book that explains all about collecting stamps, and how to remove them, and how to store them.

    After that, once you find your field of interest (there are so many different themes), you would focus on that area, and collect, and study all about them.

    The post office is a great place to get started. Join a local stamp club. Join an internet group — you may be able to do some trades. And then you are on your way!

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