How Great Is The Hobby Of Stamp Collecting?

How Great Is The Hobby Of Stamp Collecting?

How Great Is The Hobby Of Stamp Collecting?. Indeed there is no doubt about stamp collecting being the Greatest Hobby On Earth.

What is Stamp Collecting or Philately?.. Stamp Collecting or Philately as it is called is the pursuit of collecting, arranging and studying postage stamps, stamped envelopes and other items used in various Countries of the World at different times to effect prepayment of letters through the Post.

Stamp Collecting unlike games of football, cricket and squash-racket is a pastime that attracts not only the interests of adults but children alike. Kings, Queens, the rich and the poor

It is a mistaken belief to regard Stamp Collecting as only Children Hobby.It may interest you to learn that participation at certain stages of the hobby are very much beyond the capacities of children as would their participation in test cricket matches etc.

Stamp Collecting or Philately is the study of stamps, their production. It has developed into two broad groups – those who collect and study stamps and those who collect stamps as souvenirs.

A new collector may not be sure of what kind of stamps to collect. It is however advisable that he should acquire and study as many different stamps as he can because the experience gained will help him to grasp the fundamentals of the subject.

Later on, he can decide upon concentrating on a single country’s issues or those of a group. To engage in this hobby, physical condition is of no vital importance as very little actual physical energy is required to carry it on and money does not always determine the value of a collection to its owner.

Often no money at all is involved except perhaps for an album and stamp collecting accessories. A stamp off a letter from a foreign country can be of as much value to a true collector as a rare and high-priced stamp might be to on me who can spend hundreds of us$ to indulge in his hobby.

Just like any other hobby, the real value of a collection comes from the use made of it by its owner. A small collection of a few hundred common stamps may give a greater thrill out of having such a collection than would a rich man who has spent  hundreds of us$ merely to have a ‘Display Collection..

Here indeed is a hobby that can be tailored to fit the needs of any individual. One from which almost endless hours of fun, relaxation, education and pride of ownership can be extracted.

Perhaps the easiest way to ‘build’ a collection is to exchange one’s surplus stamps with other collectors. This sort of exchange goes on everyday among thousands of collectors worldwide



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