How much is a 20 yr old stamp collection worth?

Question by alwayswvgirl: How much is a 20 yr old stamp collection worth?
My Mom passed away and left me a stamp collection approx 20-25 years old. The stamps are in a photo album in mint condition.
What would they be worth today?

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Answer by kapn
What ever you can get for them…….

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4 Responses to “How much is a 20 yr old stamp collection worth?”

  1. c-Dogg says:

    You could put them up on ebay and see what kind of bids you get.

  2. wg0z says:

    dont count on anything more than face value. take the album to a stamp show and ask a vendor to check it for anyhting particualry valuable. do NOT let it out of your sight.

  3. chicken1202 says:

    No one can answer this here, you need to take it to a stamp collectors show, or an expert to find out BUT make sure you get more than one opinion. “good luck”

  4. I. B. Zoxx says:

    With very few exceptions, Unused US postage stamps issued since 1975 are still only worth face value.

    I used to collect US postage stamps, and I stopped for precisely that reason. They are not a good investment.

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