how much would a stamp collector pay for this?

Question by tap.that: how much would a stamp collector pay for this?
so i just received a book of russian stamps (1910s-1970s) from my uncle.. which includes a total of 92 stamps. how much would a stamp collector fanatic pay for it in us dollars?

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Answer by →dεαnααα♥
I don’t know exactly.
But go onto ebay and search similar products and see the price they are going for.
Also go on the Stanley Gibbons website and order a catalogues or check out the info there.

Take into account whether the stamps are marked or anything like that.
Sorry, I haven’t checked my collection for like 3 years!
Good Luck :)

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  1. curtisports2 says:

    The vast majority of world stamps are common issues and worth only pennies each. Walk into any stamp shop and you’ll find a ‘penny box’. Mail order companies sell ‘starter sets’ of 100 for a dollar or two.

    This doesn’t mean that out of your 92 there aren’t a couple of good ones. Only someone who knows stamps would be able to tell, but they would have to be able to see each one. We can’t do that here.

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