How to Renew Your Quest for Success and Turn Frustration into Money

Suppose you set an objective, make a plan, access your risks, take action, and screw up. Then you decide you were wrong about something. What do you do?

Most success authors would answer with some variation on the following:

Figure out what went wrong.
Go back to the drawing board.
Try again.

Of course, that’s good advice. However, I would add a step or two before “Figure out what went wrong” like take time to regroup, renew your mind, re-energize your spirit, and renew your commitment to success.

Here’s why this is important.

Suppose you are frustrated or even disappointed at the way your plan did not work. Maybe it even imploded and you feel the sting all the more because success is something you really want. And what if this is merely one more in what seems like a continuing string of frustrating moments? That can really make the sting all the more stinging.

If any of the above is true, your state of mind is likely such that you might not approach the “drawing board” with an expectation for a successful result. You might distort what really happened and see more that went wrong than what actually did go wrong. Or you may have a hard time seeing what was correct about your thinking and timely in your execution.

Even worse, you might give in to the urge to mentally replay the worst moments of your performance and say “I’ve always screwed things up.” And you might accept this failed attempt as indicative of your future success potential.

As a result, you may miss the most obvious flaw in your plan. So your effort to analyze why your plan did not work will ultimately set the stage for yet another unsuccessful effort. After a while, this becomes a real drag, would you not agree?

Since this whole sequence is not conducive to success, add a step between “Decide you were wrong about something” and “Figure out what went wrong.”

Here are some suggestions. Try the one or ones that appeal to you.

Watch a movie that portrays a hero or heroine who takes on a huge challenge that could turn out to be overwhelming, yet ultimately succeeds.

“Star Wars” and “The Count of Monte Cristo” come to mind as I write this. However, there are many, many others.

If you exercise, work out with extra intensity. Run, bike, or swim more than usual. Spend an extra hour lifting weights. You will feel that unmistakable “exercise high” that empowers your state of mind.

Listen to music that you find uplifting, empowering, and energetic. Music that empowers you changes your state of mind quickly from frustrated to confident.

Spend time in your garden, with your stamp collection, finishing that woodworking project, or reading a novel. Even a few minutes with your favorite hobby will alter your point of view for the better.

Revisit a past success or two. Remember times when you met the challenge, stood tall in the face of challenges, and refused to be intimidated. This works wonders on your state of mind even if the success event had nothing to do with money.

At the very least, move the body around! This means dance, take a long walk, cut the grass, or jump around a time or two.

However you do it, make some space between the frustration of your last effort and your analysis of how you can do better next time. This extra step can take a few days or a few seconds.

The important point is to change your state of mind into one that is empowered, confident, and determined to succeed. Some will say that you should “get back to the drawing board” right away when everything is fresh in your mind.

This is a good idea as long as your state of mind is clear of any frustration, disappointment, or doubt in yourself. Otherwise, you may do more harm than good.

So take the necessary time to renew yourself. Then review your progress, make adjustments, and renew your quest for success and money.

You will spark new ideas, renew your determination, and turn frustration into money.

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