Is Atheism a Religion? (The Hobby of Non-Stamp Collecting Exposed) – EDUCATIONAL –

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25 Responses to “Is Atheism a Religion? (The Hobby of Non-Stamp Collecting Exposed) – EDUCATIONAL –”

  1. ptango101 says:

    @gmcjetpilot Calling my bluff??!!! I gave you the opportunity to look for yourself. The information is there, look it up. Stop whining and making excuses. You’re resorting to ad hominem to cover up the fact that you don’t really have anything to say. Are you against all natural science or just the ones that make your story for explaining biodiversity look stupid? Faith and dogma aren’t evidence. They’re a security blanket.
    Why don’t we discuss your premise? (if you have one)

  2. AbusiveAntitheist says:

    @gmcjetpilot Yes, and my name is also a bit of a hyperbole, stop acting so serious, i’m not accusing or attacking you, why are you so defensive, you act as if my existence and beliefs are somehow ruining the world, you are acting like a bigot, you are obviously more biased than I could ever be. I have not insulted you, you come looking for a fight and start trolling over the internet, i’m not impressed.

  3. gmcjetpilot says:

    “I dont belong to any club, [don’t] know all of my beliefs and stances on every political and religious issue”

    Don’t whine & change the subject. You can’t possibly be that unaware & naive, your screen name is Abusive Anti-Theist. You posted over 100 videos; you’re a 20 yr old boy who thinks he’s a “philosopher”? Translation, unemployed & live with your mom. I made my point about codependency of atheistic illogical social political beliefs and worship of evolution. I win!

  4. gmcjetpilot says:

    Who’s falling on “superstition”? That’s a non sequitur and more of your nonsensical gibberish. We’re talking about the Atheist love of evolution. Your personal flawed illogical unbeneficial beliefs and the weakest most worthless fields of study in natural science, are codependent.. “enable”, I’m calling your bluff, you’re ignorant and know nothing of evolution. Therefore you concede and lost the debate. Goodbye (you are the weakest link, thus also disproving natural selection!)

  5. ptango101 says:

    @gmcjetpilot I’m not going to enable you. Look it up for yourself. I take it you learned how to do research to get your master. Use it.
    It amazes me that educated people can use logic and critical thinking in nearly every aspect of their lives but fall back on superstition to answer the really big questions.

  6. gmcjetpilot says:

    You philistine. I’ve two masters in math & science, and you don’t know me or my beleifs. I know definitions, like taxonomy, polygenesis. Give me YOUR best example of “speciation”. I need a laugh and I’ll prove it’s NOT evolution. I’m 49 and I read, Discover magazine, Scientific America for example. Now that you’re done insulting me, atheists have a social political agenda behind their fanatical evolution chearleading (w/o a clue), aka worship it as part of a godless belief system.

  7. ptango101 says:

    It always amazes me that losers like this try to straw man evolution or atheism by calling it a religion when all that they believe to be true IS a religion. Creationism is not science, it’s religion. I don’t have to straw man it to prove it either. Christians do that all on their own.

  8. ptango101 says:

    @gmcjetpilot Google “observed instances of speciation” or just go to talk origins. The information exists even if you don’t want to look at it. To say people worship evolution is the height of ignorance. You’re just pissed off because we don’t need to ask an imaginary being if it’s true. Your beliefs are a bad joke. You just don’t understand the punch line. Why don’t you actually show me these people you are talking about and stop just making things up?

  9. AbusiveAntitheist says:

    @gmcjetpilot I dont belong to any club, you rant about me as if you know all of my beliefs and stances on every political and religious issue, you dont know anything about me so please dont act like you do. I’m not even a materialist anyways, I have a video called, why I am not a materialist. How does that make you feel? To know you wrongly assumed something about me?

  10. gmcjetpilot says:

    “christians straw-man evolution to make it appear like a religion…..”
    You need faith to believe evolution is proven truth, law, when no one has ever seen evolution, ie one species became another. There are so many gaps and failures you need faith, but science requires observation, repeatable experiments, data, mathematical solutions. Evolution theory is mythical for science, a waste of time, giving mankind nothing useful. PEOPLE DO WORSHIP EVOLUTION.

  11. gmcjetpilot says:

    Listen to you, so mad saying you don’t have a belief! BELIEVE ME! Ha ha modern atheism today has high priest (Dawkins), conventions, websites, books, organizations (ACLU) who actively condemn religion, proselytize and remove all signs of religion from society. Like it or not you belong to the club, church of secular materialist anti-religion bigots, an illogical belief of denying God, since you can’t prove it. THEN WHAT DO U BELIEVE?

  12. gmcjetpilot says:

    “Atheism isnt a religion”
    Like it or not you belong to the club, the church of secular materialist anti-religion bigots, an illogical belief, denying God, since you can’t prove it. The logical choice is agnostic. Statistically this is all random chance accident out of no where for no reason is zero. Great biologist, cosmologist say the system is too well tuned to be random; it’s reasonable to consider an intelligent energy, a higher conscience then ours.

  13. gmcjetpilot says:

    “Atheism isnt a religion”
    Hitler LOVED darwin & natural selection and thus eugenics, killing even his own, that he called “useless eaters”, handicap, disabled, elderly and the sick. You’re pro abortion right? Your indoctrinated into the Church of atheism, you just are too ignorant to see it. You have a BELIEF SYSTEM…

  14. gmcjetpilot says:

    “Atheism isnt a religion”
    You have high priests (Dawkins), conventions, books, meetings, preach & proselytize RELIGION IS EVIL, Christians are delusional, hold back society. This spreads hate! Atheists say NO God, we’re random chemicals, descendant from lower animals, gene machines and Christians are defective and should be re-programmed or scrapped for a GOOD free thinking Atheist.

  15. gmcjetpilot says:

    “Atheism isnt a religion.”
    You are missing the point. Crusading fanatical atheists (may be you) who post rabid comments on every Christian video all say the same thing, same propaganda or mantra. Atheists often (not always) share the same secular materialist world view, an ideology, not of God but the opposite and OFTEN against God and against religion & faithful. It’s more than sweet passive Atheists who don’t believe but respect all others? No they are bigots.

  16. gmcjetpilot says:

    At 3:54 the difference between a non-religious Atheist and a religions Atheists, the religious one makes a lifestyle of not believing in God, I’ll add, attacking others thoughts like a Nazi or bigot. Non militant Atheists are not really Atheists, they’re just irreligious or agnostic. I have heard Atheists tell me not all Atheists don’t believe in God? WHAT? “Religious Atheists” are confused and don’t have the conviction of their “Faith”. Taken to Atheisms illogical extreme, it’s ridiculous.

  17. noahbox says:

    Perhaps the words you are looking for are “ideology” or “philosophy” instead of religion and “secular humanism” instead of atheism.

    As it stands, your claim makes absolutely no sense. Atheism is not a belief system. It is a single position on a single claim (Do you believe in deitie(s)?). It is not even necessarily a belief; it is simply not a positive position on a belief question (The “Not-yes” in the Yes/Not-Yes dichotomy).

  18. xjcandmFX says:

    And also I dont see a point made in this video.. Lol.
    Christianity is fucked up and those who follow Christianity are fucked and more or less, Stupid.

  19. xjcandmFX says:

    First things first, Atheism isnt a religion.
    I’m a atheist and I dont believe in religion.
    And atheist who do need to get the rest of their head out of the bucket.
    And morons who actually think atheism is a religion need to get their facts straight.
    Like the 2 morons at the start of this video.

  20. AbusiveAntitheist says:

    religulous was a stupid movie, the god delusion was a terrible book, richard dawkins isnt much of a philosopher. Then you post a strawman, which even if it were true would be a reflection of their metaphysical naturalism, not their atheism so you’re wrong there. There’s no distinction between nonreligious atheists and religious atheists….theres just “religious” individuals and it has absolutely NO correlation with their atheism, if they were some other religion theyd behave the same.

  21. ptango101 says:

    I think it’s funny that you christians straw-man evolution to make it appear like a religion so you can say it has no credibility. What does that say about any creationist idea you put forward? Your whole premise is poorly disguised religion. By your reasoning this makes it unreliable and full of holes.

  22. NowYouSeeTV says:

    @mrhnm The supreme court has everything to do with it! The Wikipedia which I stated earlier gave the definition! Where does the definition of religion say anything about just one premise? Are you just not right in the head because Im done talking to you, ignorance irritates me Im sorry! Youve cut every bridge and reworded everything, gave your own definitions, and ignored all the facts. Just face it dude its a religion everyone but a small sect of (anti-religion) atheists agree to this! Grow UP

  23. mrhnm says:

    @NowYouSeeTV What does the supreme court have to do with anything? Also what enciclopedias are you talking about? Athiesm does not qualify as a belief system because one belief does not qualify as a system. In order for something to be a system there has to be more than one premise.

    Nice use of apeal to authority.

  24. NowYouSeeTV says:

    @mrhnm Im sorry but you need to argue your point with the supreme court, public libraries and the encyclopedia. When they agree with you Ill agree with you!!! Not believing in something is a belief just as an empty space is still space. It seems you have your fingers in your ears cause neither me, nor the government, nor the encyclopedia, nor the public libraries agree with you! face it atheism is a religion as much as you dont want it to be!

  25. mrhnm says:

    @NowYouSeeTV The only thing that I have been trying to “prove” is that athiesm is not a relgion. I am frustrated becuase you refuse to acknowledge anything that I say you seem to plug your ears and say ‘not listening’. Besides what exactly do you want evidence for? I have provided examples of how not believeing in something is not a belief, and why athiesm cannot be a religion. What more do you want?

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