[MIRROR] Taliban Execution – Stoning Execution a Public Execution

hubpages.com hubpages.com Taliban Execution Stoning Execution Public Execution atheist atheism nonstampcollector atheist athiest god atheists atheist videos nonstampcollector atheist cartoons atheist video non stamp collector aithest atheist yahweh freethinker1990 youtube atheist atheist christian god atheism agnostic scientist atheist humor atheistic ahtiest atheast what would jesus not do atheist playlist funny atheist hilarious philosophy of atheism atheist meets god atheisum !!!!PLEASE MIRROR THIS VIDEO!!!!us act. The ruling was upheld in 2007 by Iran’s supreme Sakineh reportedly confessed to the crime of adultery after suffering 99 lashes and now, Sakine Mohammadi Ashtiani, a mother of two living in Iran, is awaiting the execution of her death sentence. She was convicted of adultery in 2006 in the northern city of Tabriz, and although she confessed after being whipped, her lawyer told CNN that she then retracted that confession and denied any adulterocourt. PLEASE DO ALL YOU CAN!
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