My Rubber Stamp, Acrylic and Cling Stamp Collection #2

More stamps in my collection! Let me know what you think!

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24 Responses to “My Rubber Stamp, Acrylic and Cling Stamp Collection #2”

  1. carsondcat says:

    oh em gee.

  2. ThePaperCastle says:

    Well, you may only have 4 colored pencils, but you have PLENTY of stamps!! You should go to Staples and get a pack of the baseball card holders and a binder. You can store all your small dollar stamps in them. I have mine that way and it’s SO much easier to flip thru the pages to see what I have. TFS, Heather

  3. MrsMcCabeScraps says:

    @KimScrapper Ohhhh,, I dont know, I think I have photographic memory,, I can see them all in my head,,lol

  4. MrsMcCabeScraps says:

    @KimScrapper Ohhhh,, I dont know, I think I have photograhic memory,, I can see them all in my head,,lol

  5. KimScrapper says:

    @MrsMcCabeScraps We don’t have Joanns. How do you know not to buy the same ones again that you already own? Thats what I mean by duplicate.

  6. MrsMcCabeScraps says:

    @ThaP8perDoll Thanks so much! Stamping is my favorite!

  7. MrsMcCabeScraps says:

    @cherry2425 Recollections :-)

  8. MrsMcCabeScraps says:

    @KimScrapper Those tea ones are from Joannes!! what do you mean duplicate?

  9. KimScrapper says:

    Wow, I wish you lived next door to me so I could have borrowed one of your “tea theme” stamps for my swap last month. I saw you had lots of tea cups stamps and I had a hard time finding one. Lots of really neat stamps, love the deal you got on the Tim Holtz . How do you not duplicate them? tfs

  10. cherry2425 says:

    the one with the lion and the rhino with the guitar..what brand is that please?

  11. puffyjo says:

    @MrsMcCabeScraps oh you are a sweetheart. !!!!

  12. ThaP8perDoll says:

    OMG, love all your stamps, lucky,wished I had half of those , tfs:)

  13. MrsMcCabeScraps says:

    @mommy24cs sssshhhhhh,,, we may have something…

  14. scrappinmomof2 says:

    @MrsMcCabeScraps Yeah…I have been scrapping for years, and don’t have half of that many! I do use the binder wih the transparnces (sp) and the protective sheets to store mine. I know that you said that you like to see them, and it helps me see mine better. I use the baseball card protectors for the $1 spot stamps, and they fit pretty good. Just an idea!

  15. mommy24cs says:

    @MrsMcCabeScraps It’s brilliant!! That’s what you should do….open up a ice cream pizza shop! Isn’t there a reality show about the next best restaurant idea?? There you go! i’d fly down to have some…LOL

  16. MrsMcCabeScraps says:

    @mommy24cs I dont know where she got that from maybe a cartoon?! I have nooooooo clue,, but it was funny! Hey shes 3, if only my problems were where to get Ice Cream Pizza!!! lol

  17. mommy24cs says:

    Loooove the little sewing machine…LOL! You make me want to go stamp shopping right now!! Ice Cream Pizza! Sounds like heaven to me! Tell Bianca to send me and monkey boy some too!! LOL

  18. thekatsmeow1969 says:

    You have a lot of stamps! TFS :)

  19. MrsMcCabeScraps says:

    @debbiehayslrtte She is very creative lol!

  20. MrsMcCabeScraps says:

    @puffyjo Sure just let me know what ya need!!

  21. MrsMcCabeScraps says:

    @scrappinmomof2 Really,? I thought I didnt have very many,, I see videos and walls are filled with stamps!!

  22. scrappinmomof2 says:

    I want ice cream pizza too! I am totally jealous of all your stamps!

  23. puffyjo says:

    no not bored at all just totally crying . ever want to go shopping for me???? lol just jking. thanks for sharing. Jo

  24. debbiehayslrtte says:

    I want some ice cream pizza too…lol. Great stamps. Tfs.

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