Navy Physician prescribes Stamp Collecting for First-Class Grades

Murray Norcross, Navy Captain Family Physician, tells how his grandfather encouraged stamp collecting which opened up a whole world of historic events commemorating our nation. We spoke with Dr. Norcross at the US Navy Memorial in Washington, DC at the “Distinguished Sailors” stamps unveiling. To order the First-Day-of-Issue Postmark mail to: Distinguished Sailors Stamps Special Cancellations PO Box 92282 Washington, DC 20090-2282.

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One Response to “Navy Physician prescribes Stamp Collecting for First-Class Grades”

  1. BuckshotLaFunke says:

    Hm. I collect Great Britain up to QE, but IMO any good history book will inform you of important issues and persons more easily than will a stamp collection.

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