Nice Stamp Collecting photos

Some cool stamp collecting images:

S & H Green Stamps
stamp collecting
Image by catchesthelight
These were the kind of redemption stamps we collected the most and one time some friends gave us lots and lots so my brother & I were able to receive oodles of sports equipment and games, etc. :>) Thanks again Don & Ellen Morrow in Bethlehem, NH for first collecting this cool petroliana and then for allowing me to photograph it! :>)

stamp collecting
Image by

preview of coming attractions: Halloween in Umegaoka
stamp collecting
Image by Nemo’s great uncle
As a first-time event, there were the usual slip-ups—piñatas that refused to break, for example—but all in all things went very well. They had help from Chino (茅野), a city in Nagano Prefecture that has had a similar event for 10 years now.

According to a cover story in TimeWeek a few weeks back, the Japanese go trick-or-treating in the suburbs. That was news to me.

In the pipeline are photos of the event’s "trick or treat" finale. Think "stamp rally" and you’ll get the picture.

Update (2007/03/20)
スタンプラリー(sutampu rarī) = "stamp rally&quot
↑ The participants get a card on which to collect stamps in a series: train stations on a single line or a companywide system, Seven Lucky Gods, branches of a convenience store, famous sites in a particular area, etc. Collect the entire set (or a specified percentage) and collect a prize—or become eligible for a drawing. These promotional events trace their roots back to red stamps from temples along a pilgrimage route.
Wikipedia: スタンプラリー

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