Nice Stamp Collector photos

A few nice stamp collector images I found:

1950 Gutbrod Superior Kleinwagen
stamp collector
Image by Hugo90
This brochure is dated 1950 on the back. Ignore the 1968 date here, as many advertising collectors would stamp the date they received it on the piece. These days collectors wouldn’t do that, but we just have to live with what those before us did.

NAITO — The Meiji-era Japanese World of Engraved Stereoview Card Backs
stamp collector
Image by Okinawa Soba
NAITO was a Tokyo based publisher of stereoviews that ran the full spectrum of production quality, and with various degrees of content interest. However, it is difficult to say if he was the photographer of many of his published views. He was also known to be a cheap-skate pirate of other’s images, including those of T. ENAMI.

Most of Naito’s work appears without imprint on the back. but, when it does, it has always been the above design. The round collector’s stamp in bottom left is, of course, not a part of the original.

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