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Boston – Freedom Trail: Granary Burial Ground – James Otis
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Image by wallyg
In the front left corner of the graveyard, a boulder commemorates the grave of James Otis, Jr. (February 5, 1725 – May 23, 1783), a lawyer in colonial Massachusetts. The phrase "Taxation without Representation is Tyranny" is usually attributed to him.

In 1760, he received a prestigious appointment as Advocate General of the Admiralty Court. He promptly resigned, however, when expected to argue in favor of the "writs of assistance." These writs would enable British authorities to enter any colonist’s home without cause. Following his resignation, Otis represented, pro bono, colonial merchants who were challenging the legality of the writs before the Superior Court, the predecessor of the Massachusetts Supreme Judicial Court. Otis considered himself a loyal British subject, but argued so brilliantly against the Writs that he stoked Revolutionary furor and in turn eventually became a leading patriotic voice. He authored several patriotic pamphlets, served in the Massachusetts legislature, was a leader of the Stamp Act Congress and a trailblazing proponent of African American rights.

Brutally injured in the head by British tax collector John Robinson’s cudgel at the British Coffee House in 1769, Otis suffered from increasingly erratic behavior–behavior sometimes attributed to mental illness rather than injury. He slipped out of the public eye, but still served at the Battle of Bunker Hill in 1775. He died suddently when struck by a bolt of lightning in the doorway of a friend’s house.

Founded in 1660, the Granary Burying Ground is Boston’s third-oldest cemetery. In this two-acre plot are the remains of more famous people than any other small graveyard in America. It serves as the final resting place for three signers of the Declaration of Independence, nine governors of Massachesetts, the victims of the Boston Massacre, and many notable Revolutionary War-era patriots. Originally part of the Common, its name derives from the old grain warehouse that once stood next door on the site of the Park Street Church.

Notable burials here include signers of the Declaration of Independence John Hancock, Samuel Adams, and Robert Treat Paine; patriots James Bowdoin, and Paul Revere; Boston Massacre victims including Crispus Attucks; Benjamin Franklin’s parents; prominent early Bostonians Peter Faneuil, Colonial Governor Richard Bellingham Esquire, First Mayor John Phillips; and even a Mother Goose.

Lucia Moholy-Nagy, Dessau-Gelatin Silver Print
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Image by Phil Manker
Gelatin silver print, 4" x 6", signed and stamped on the reverse. Double-sided float-mount allows Bauhaus stamp and signature on reverse to be read


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