Nice Stamp Collector photos

A few nice stamp collector images I found:

Roman Gemstones
stamp collector
Image by MuseumWales
The Fortress Baths gems
From: The National Roman Legion Museum, South Wales

These Roman gemstones were lost during the period between AD 75 and AD 230. This remarkable collection of 88 gems (one of the largest single deposits to be found anywhere in Roman Empire) were found in the sediments of a large drain beneath the cold hall of the baths. They would have originally been set in finger-rings. Most belonged to the legionary soldiers, but some may have been lost by the civilians and women who were also admitted to the baths.

This image forms part of the monthly ‘Curators Choice’ series from Rhagor, the collections based website from Amgueddfa Cymru – National Museum Wales.

What will your favourite item be?

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stamp collector
Image by jsaunder25
Cleaned up some files in my office only to find a Subway stamp that is no longer valid. What am I suppose to do with it now? Maybe it will become a collector’s item.

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