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Artoo Deetoo Has Gone Postal!!
stamp collector
Image by Zeetz Jones
…as L.A.City Hall just looks on!!

Star Wars’ R2-D2 to collect post

US mailboxes are said to be ripe for an R2-D2 makeover

Postboxes across the US are to be dressed up as Star Wars robot R2-D2 to celebrate 30 years since the release of the sci-fi series’ first outing.
Some 400 boxes will get the new look, including outside Hollywood’s Grauman Chinese Theatre, one of first cinemas to screen the film in 1977.

The makeover is part of a post office campaign for the announcement of a surprise stamp on 28 March.

The public have been urged not to tamper with the droid mail collectors.

A special stamp to commemorate the release of the first film was issued by the US Postal Service in May 1977.

Chief marketing officer Anita Bizzotto said the robot postboxes are a "little teaser" for its announcement later this month.

"When you look at a mailbox, the resemblance to R2-D2 is too good to pass up," added Ms Bizzotto.

The USPS website is running a clip from Star Wars in which robot C-3PO asks: "R2D2, where are you?"

In the next shot, someone is seen slotting a letter into the little beeping robot.

(BBC News – 18 March 2007)

WP SDS 7-14025
stamp collector
Image by darlingdeirphoto
Wedgepiece (and the Super Marvelous Fantastic Magnificent Wedgepiece experience, in some) @ Smiling Dog Saloon in Ft Myers.

(c) darling deir photography.

their music can be found here:

(Eric from Code Zero being Mr Tambourine Man during "the Stamp Collector")

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