‘Number Ones’ Stamp Collection

An enchanting collection of very fine mint and used stamps, each selected as the first stamp for that country / colony / dependency / new, short – lived or breakaway Republic or strange Civil War, Local, Occupation or other interesting & well-researched issue. The collection is arranged and written-up in two large stockbooks with a note for every possible stamp, and the collection appears largely complete! Naturally the world renowned rarities are not here (or some forgeries!), also the occasional later printing of a first type design, but we see an amazing array of issues including classic no.1’s from the German States & German local & occupation issues, Italian states / colonies etc, many Indian States; various classic European issues from Belgium, Luxembourg, Bosnia, Bulgaria, Estonia, Fiume, etc, etc; a VERY interesting section of Chinese provincial & Treaty Port issues; many French Colonies & offices abroad such as the Fr Sudan 1894 0.15c. on 75c. carmine used (cat £1800) plus much else besides; good Americas from Argentina, Colombia, Cuba (US Admin 1898 1c on 1m mint with certificate) Ecuador, etc, etc; such a wide range of issues we can only mention a few highlights such as German Kiaochow 1900 5Pfg on 10pf mint; Greece; India; Japan mint; South Korea 1946 first opt’d set mint;; Lithuania 1918 10s black first Vilnius issue unused; Luxembourg; Macao; Maderia 1868 20r olive brown used; Malaya Johore 1884 2c pale rose SG 6 mint thinned, Pahang 1889 2c pale rose used
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