Old French stamp collection

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Old French stamp collection
stamp collecting
Image by Yersinia
I don’t suppose children collect stamps these days, but when I was a kid, most people had an album.

I wasn’t obsessive, but I was quite interested for a while, and got a really manky tatty old album at a jumble sale for a few pence when I was about 10. It had about 300 old stamps in, so my collection had a lot of older stuff in it than most kids in the 80s. I had quite a lot of more modern colourful stamps too, but I was quite drawn to these stamps from another era.

I haven’t looked at them in donkeys’ years. I got them down now because I was looking for an interesting old stamp to put in a matchbox for a matchbox-stuffing challenge.

Collect Stamps off all your mail (page 88-89) – Stamps&mail – overview
stamp collecting
Image by atibens
this is the complte page with stamps from, germany, belgium, spain, france, england, new zealand, hong kong, ukraine, poland and some other things – zoom in to see more details

Collecting Stamps
stamp collecting
Image by khoogheem

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