Organizing your Hobbies, Stamp Collection

Putting a unique spin on your stamp collection
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17 Responses to “Organizing your Hobbies, Stamp Collection”

  1. WiseMonkey888 says:

    Is ‘stmp collecting’ a social science?

  2. centervilletn says:

    great ideas….i own a building that was once a post any ideas how to incorperate its former identity into the decorations?….id like to do something unique but really am not that imaginative…..

    thanks !

  3. karnubawax says:

    Most stamps printed these days aren’t good enough to be wasted on gluing to a suitcase! The stamps she’s got on that suitcase probably cost about a buck and are worth even less. Let’s be honest here, fellow philatelists – at least she’s getting some USE out of the things rather than what most stamp collectors do – which is stick them in a cigar box and leave them in the attic until they DIE – and then have them sold at their estate sale to make a few bucks to pay for their funeral!

  4. HrundiSubscribes says:


  5. streetwiserecords says:

    Hello, great video, I like it. Don’t pay much attention to the people here, especially Alex Jack.

  6. AlexJackLonghurst says:

    you have cobwebs on your vagina, sand to if you like the beach.

  7. happybirdcard says:

    what the hell is rong with this person
    stamps should be put in STAMP ALBUMS not on a sutcase u dick.And not in placit waltes in a crapy box bich so fuck you i hate you your as bared as crap u fucking little bich so go and fuck your mum o and all so stop talking in that wird fucking voce u get what i mean bich

  8. hydro5135 says:

    not really she is gluing stamps to a suit case not much of a life to me

  9. potterjc says:

    fortunately she has more of a life than most people posting comments here, and she doesn’t give a shit about treating the stamps well.

  10. stampguy01 says:

    You’re right! I cringe every time I see this video. I makes me sick to see this ignorant woman’s actions. Disgusting. I’m going to report this video as offensive.

  11. chessman213 says:

    Is absolutely horrible what this woman do to those beutiful stamps. Please don’t do it. This is a philatelic crime.

  12. stampguy1972 says:

    What a great way to DESTROY your stamp duplicates! This is terrible advice for any budding stamp collector. Anyone interested in stamp collecting is welcome to contact me for much more intelligent and practical advice. Thanks.

  13. beerrox711 says:

    im with elisheval my doubles will now be used as stamp art, take that US Postal Service

  14. Elisheval says:

    hmmm… that’s cool. I have way too many doubles of stamps that will probly never be worth much…. cool idea.

  15. saveastamp says:

    burn in hell loser

  16. westfall888 says:

    typical cunt – glue what ever you have to what ever you have. they are so talented….

  17. 872872872 says:

    if you have doubles in any stamps could we arrange to post them, i dont mind what condition there in, just started a collection in uk.

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