Portrait of Young Girl (by Edgar Decker)

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Portrait of Young Girl (by Edgar Decker)
stamp collecting
Image by cunningba
Scans of both sides of a carte de visite produced by Edgar Decker on November 2, 1865.
Another of my hobbies is collecting U.S. Revenue stamps. A broad program of taxation was enacted during the Civil War to offset the costs of the war. Items taxed varied over time, but they included documents, patent medicines, perfumes and cosmetics, and playing cards. Most of these taxes were paid by affixing adhesive revenue stamps to the documents or products being taxed. The stamps issued for the purpose were beautifully designed, with intricate engraved scrollwork and portraits of George Washington. I have collected these stamps for a number of years.
Between April 1, 1865 and August 1, 1866, there was a tax on commercial photographs. It was tremendously unpopular with photographers, more because of the tremendous amount of extra labor required to affix and cancel the adhesive stamps than the extra cost of the tax.
Edgar Decker was a prominent early photographer in Cleveland. This is a carte de visite his studio produced has the portrait of a young woman. The date of the picture is known from the cancel on the revenue stamp on the reverse. Unfortunately, I do not know her name or her exact age. One wonders who she was and what her life was like. All I know is what she looked like one day nearly a century and a half ago when she sat in a room in Edgar Decker’s studio on Superior Avenue that is now a vacant place in Public Square that thousands of Clevelanders pass by every day.

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stamp collecting
Image by bjmccray
Collected in my travels. Who knows? I might write a blog post that calls for it.

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