Q&A: How do I find the value of my stamp collection?

Question by Vinny B: How do I find the value of my stamp collection?
Years ago I was given a large stamp collection. It has very old stamps from all over the world. However, I don’t know anything about stamps. I would like to find out how much the collection is worth, maybe even sell it. What should I do?

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Answer by Michael
If it’s a collection or full sets, then I would suggest that you bring them to a stamp dealer for appraisal. To sell or not is up to you, but dealers would be able to give you a ballpark value of your collection or highlight to you which stamps or sets that are of value. They might even give you some pointers on stamp preservation or the right accessories to use. In general, stamps that are stained or the used modern stamps have little value and dealers sell them by kiloware or sacks. You could also use a Scott or Stanley-Gibbon stamp catalog as price guide, but you will not get the full values listed when you sell. These books come in volumes and you might be able to find them in libraries. As for websites, there isn’t any free ones that I’m aware of.

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  1. Darrell says:

    You can visit your local library and look them up in a stamp catalogue. Or look in phone book to see if there is any dealers or stamp clubs of postage stamps and related materials in your area. I recommend using Scott catalogues to look up these stamps. Keep in mind the very stamps actually bring what they are listed for in a book.The condition of the stamps is very important too. Also if you a large high value stamp collection for sale many large dealers will travel to buy vour collection. There should be plenty of information on the internet that you can easliy look up on stamps. Good Luck, Darrell

  2. stixntwigs says:

    The two suggestions provided above are excellent. I would offer only one more piece of advise….do NOT leave the collection with anyone to “look over” for a couple of days.

  3. Vas P says:

    You can try to contact a stamp dealer.

    But it usually is not for free!
    Standart fee for Expertizing $ 10-$ 20 per 1 item (if Current Catalogue value $ 1,000 or less or if item is not in catalogue). Or 2% of the current catalogue value (for stamps valuable than $ 1,000)…

    So, I think it better to learn what you have before.
    Most of stamps are worth 5 to 20 cents each. Even 100-year-old stamp could worth less than 1 dollar.

    You need to get (buy) stamp catalogues and find your stamps there.
    After this you can sort your stamps as a rare (which you suspect as a rare) and rubbish. (which definitely worth less than $ 1).

    To find the value of your US stamps try http://www.findyourstampsvalue.com/

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