Q&A: (stamp collector people) How much r these stamps worth?

Question by ÆVÆN: (stamp collector people) How much r these stamps worth?
I have a book full of stamps in a special envelope type container. It says FIRST DAY OF ISSUE and has the original and a gold replica. Anyone have an estimate of value for one of these stamps?

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Answer by Lawrence
There is not enough information to answer that question.

You did not even mention which country or which years.
For some countries, there is little value to what is known as an FDC.

But the value is not really important as it is a question of demand. And in most cases there is little demand for an FDC.

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  1. Jim says:

    Lawrence nailed it….If you can post some pictures or more detailed information you will get more answers or direction as to where to get the answer. If it has a gold replica with the stamp there were a number that were issued over the past twenty years or so. They are not worth a lot presently. Posting some pictures will help a lot so others can help you get the answer you are looking for.

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