Q&A: What is your opinion on stamp collecting?

Question by Virginia: What is your opinion on stamp collecting?
I have recently decided to maybe think of stamp collecting, wat do you think of that.
Is it stupid, or a good idea?

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Answer by Holly M
It seems like a boring hobby but if you take pleasure in it and want to do it no- one should stop you. I dont think it’s stupid. Anything which makes you happy has to be good.
So have fun with this hobby whether or not others think its stupid or not.

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4 Responses to “Q&A: What is your opinion on stamp collecting?”

  1. thejanith says:

    What are you looking for in a hobby? Something that interests you or something that gets you approval from strangers? If you think you would be intetrested in collecting stamps, do it. Who cares what a bunch of strangers think about it?

  2. pissy_old_lady says:

    Great idea. Any hobby you are interested in is a great idea. You can learn the history/story behind the stamps you find/buy/given and learn a lot keeping your interest in this.

  3. Jordyn says:

    Well, it matters what you think. I seems time consuming, but it is a little weird. Although, it could be a fun thing to try. I say you try it and see if you like it :-)
    Some stamps could be pretty cool. You can have custom stamps and put your face on it. It is not stupid, just not the best thing to do. If you really want to throw away your time then go ahead! It matters what you think. :-)

  4. Aurora says:

    its not a stupid idea if you like it, i know people who did that and they really enjoy it, hope i helped

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