Q&A: what should i do with my stamp collection?

Question by kimmmy1607: what should i do with my stamp collection?
my grandpa passed away, and i inherited his stamp collection. theres boxes upon boxes full of all differnt kinds of stamps, stamp ablums, covers, etc. what should i do with them? or are there any websites that tell me if they’re worth something?

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Answer by CoolBoy13
Keep them as a souvenir that will help you remember your grandpa. It will bring back treasured memories. I’m so sorry!

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  1. marvin says:

    Yes they could be worth very much depending on what your grandfather collected.When you say box upon box that leaves it pretty open as to what he may have collected.When you say grandfather was he 50 or 60 or was he 80 or 90 this could be an indication of what he collected.I think that you should go to the library and try to look up the stamps and try to catalog what you have but this may be an impossibility being untrained.
    A collection that starts in 1940 and goes backwards will be worth more than one that goes forward.This in my opinion would be due to the depression people didn’t have the money to buy the high dollar stamps.
    The only other thing that I can suggest is find a certified appraiser and this will take away from your pocket money another suggestion is to join a stamp club and start asking questions.You may enjoy stamp collecting.
    What I have found out is that most older people purchased fancy albums and were given a line of bull and they are not worth what the people think they are.
    Don’t be disheartened by what I have written,economic times are not the greatest it may take a while to get what it may be worth.
    Do your homework and Good Luck

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