Q&A: Where to buy international stamp collection books?

Question by danhdfan_x: Where to buy international stamp collection books?
My dad brought out his stamp collection book today,that made me want to get into international stamp collecting.My question is where can you buy an international stamp book?I would prefer if its online,but any answer is fine.
*Blank international stamp book.

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Answer by Jonas D
i would check ebay.com or amazon.com…or check a retail store or antique store….good luck =P

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  1. Dfirefox says:

    Ebay would probably be your best bet or Amazon. Many people are selling their stamp collections old and new now because of the economy and you probably could get a good price . Try private sellers because many stamp companies sell tons of duplicates and worthless stamps that hold little value.

  2. Tom says:


    Here’s a link to a site that has albums for stamp collectors. They have a variety of beginner albums for worldwide and US.


    If you’d like information about collecting here’s a free on-line club that caters to beginners.


    50+ years collecting

  3. 88 says:

    online: amazon, pricegrabber or ebay

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