RARE Stamp Collection Booklet ! ! ! british, american, worldwide stamp collection

i found this book in my grans house and she gave it to me, i dont really know much about stamps so posted it on here so someone with sum knowledge can look through :)

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23 Responses to “RARE Stamp Collection Booklet ! ! ! british, american, worldwide stamp collection”

  1. MrDeadMan4 says:

    my collection is waaaaaaaaaay bigger, but still i dont have any usa, or british :/

  2. moomman89 says:

    I found three books like that in an antique store and only paid about ten dollars for all three.Some are over a hundred years old.

  3. d7gh2u99wd says:

    at 1:04 on the danish page there is a stamp i dont think its danish, the big one, what does it say on it?video qulity not so good so i cant read what it says, but thx for showing, i like to look at other peoples stamps

  4. creamofcardstv says:

    nice stamp collection!

  5. JanAppeldorn151 says:

    let us look ,
    yourre going to fast

  6. trasmus6 says:

    Low value collection. Put the collection on eBay. You might get anywhere from $25-$50.00 for it.

  7. trasmus6 says:

    Because it is a general low value collection. And you have the pause button too.

  8. undertakersgrave says:

    wow maybe I should start stamp collecting cool stuff

  9. gamezer09 says:

    /▌pass bob on.

  10. Marty4650 says:

    Stamp collecting used to be the most popular hobby in America.

    And the good part was that when kids collected stamps, they learned a lot of geography and history, because they became curious as to “where Guyana is” or “who was King Leopold?”

    Today, they play video games and text message each other instead. And they have absolutely no idea how to find their own state on a map.

  11. mapearce1 says:

    Cool! A great reminder of your grandmother for now and all time. You flipped through quickly, but I still managed to recognize some stamps. Appears to be a “used” (cancelled) collection with a few interesting items,…but nothing that you can retire on. Are the stamps hinged to the pages? If they are glued to the pages, unfortuantely, unless there is a real rare stamp (and even though rare, gluing will hurt!), this will REALLY lowerb the value. But bottom line – a treasure from your grandmother

  12. 99chris1 says:

    I love stamp collecting, I’m mainly a british collector, but welcome anything. That is a bit of luck you found at your gran’s!!! Maybe you should have it valued at some point, just go to a stangib shop in ringwood or London and they should be able to value it.

  13. britishzip says:

    because theres a pause button

  14. kevinlytle17 says:

    People can’t look at a flying page go by, why do you show the collection if you can’t see the stamp.

  15. ioratiskrishserhetai says:


  16. knexisreallyneet says:

    i started colcting stamps today and i have got 70 or 75

  17. siadragonfly3 says:

    thats quite a colleltion you got there, great accents too:)

  18. 8mileronaldo7 says:

    okay whats your email?

  19. stomp919 says:

    If theres anyway you can contact me through youtube email maybe we can do some trading. Ive bought and stripped quite a few old albums i bought on ebay and i have alot of extras for trade.

  20. stomp919 says:

    8mile Ive been collecting mainly worldwide 1960 and earlier since around 1974. My dad and uncle collected and my dad gave me his Minkus Master Global stamp album when i was 12 or so. Now i have 12 albums and a myriad of stockbooks and folders with Zeppelin covers etc. Sometimes my intrest wanes a bit for a year or so but then the bug hits and im back full force collecting. I like coins too but coin dealers are some of the biggest ripoffs on the planet. Id love to post a vid if i knew how lol.

  21. 8mileronaldo7 says:

    yes i agree with you!!! i collect. maybe post a video showing your stamps and i will do the same

  22. stomp919 says:

    Stamp collecting rocks!

  23. PatrickArgentina says:

    nice collection, I posted mine yesterday too

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