Re: The Non Stamp Collecting Hobby

hooray for brock for giving some atheists a reason for posting videos every week. And hooray for recording video’s at twenty minutes to three.

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10 Responses to “Re: The Non Stamp Collecting Hobby”

  1. TempleOfSin says:

    @ShaggyTheClown17 I think your Youtube username suits you well.

  2. HappyHandsClub says:

    if there’s no point in commenting, then why are you commenting? Also, there is no such thing as a british accent. I also love how your last sentence is based on absolutely nothing.

  3. UtherPendragan says:

    Weak reply, should have went to bed and woke up fresh.

  4. GoddessAragon says:

    that was beautiful

  5. marklross2 says:

    Next time – do just go to bed…

  6. lewiseu says:

    If you couldn’t hear me, then, might I suggest that you turn up the volume? Word says that it makes audio louder, who’d have thunk it, eh?

  7. Zain844 says:



    I’m sure you know this, already, but your god has had fewer and fewer gaps to hide in since the development of the scientific method.



    Science and technology are at present crushing your ridiculous religion and belief in the supernatural, not atheism.

  10. ShaggyTheClown17 says:

    ….(omg I have a british accent so that means I can totally sound smart while being an atheist!!!!)
    ….anyway I could barely hear this guy so theres no point in me commenting to something I didn’t understand….
    Its good to know that atheism will eventually die out as science n technology progresses, there’ll really be no excuse but pure stupidity.

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