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This is one of the most popular hobbies in the world. Continuing our series on Collectibles, chats with a philatelist to learn more about stamp collecting.

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6 Responses to “Secrets To Stamp Collecting”

  1. Jabarten says:

    I know why I collect in stockbooks and not albums. There are alot of varieties out there that are not spaced in albums. I have set myself free. I will collect the varieties, and not the ones the album printers think I only need to have….just my views……

  2. TheFredy40442 says:

    this vid kind of makes me want to break into his home steal all of his stamps bury them in my backyard hide in his tree and watch him react to his loss… would he cry? would he call the police? would he look around the house for them? then i would come back the next night and put them back… #LOL

  3. mycollection08 says:

    so glad this vid isn’t about food stamps!

  4. canada995 says:

    dam i wanna rob this guy…

  5. doublebubble1918 says:

    that is weird

  6. Saltydko says:


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