Some Useful Help For Your Start Up Business

“Please help me start a business,” she asked me. I couldn’t say no. We had known each other for a few years as coworkers and she saw that I had left my corporate job and become successful and now she was finally ready to do the same. She continued with her question: “Please help me start a business… and show me the secrets I need to know to become successful.” It had taken her a long time to get to the place where she felt that she could leave her job, but when she did finally make the leap she never looked back.

For her, and for many other aspiring entrepreneurs who want to know, here is one of the secrets that have worked for me and for thousands of other entrepreneurs when we started our own businesses.

Success starts with finding a topic you’re interested in writing about. That’s right, “writing” about. That topic might be a hobby or a skill you have or something you know a lot about. I’ve seen entrepreneurs who have been successful on topics as diverse as motherhood, backyard mechanics, model railroads, swimming pools, stamp collection, poker, investing, and even boring old concrete!

When you have a topic in mind, create a blog. There are many great blogging platforms, like Blogger or WordPress, which are free and easy to use. Set up your blog and set up AdSense (or some other form of pay-per-click marketing) to appear on the blog. Advertisers whose ads show up on your blog through AdSense, will pay you money every time one of your readers clicks the ad!

Then start blogging. Blog a lot. Blog your opinions, blog the news, blog tips and ideas. Blog like crazy! Become a prolific blogger. At minimum, blog once a day but seriously consider blogging more than that – 5 to 10 times a day is sometimes the norm. That’s because people go to blogs to read quality content and when you have lots of fresh content, you’ll be more likely to get lots of readers. And, while you blog, start cultivating relationships with people on social media sites and forums related to your topic.

That’s not the end of the story, it’s just the beginning; it’s just an answer to the question, “help me start a business”. There is more, of course, but if this is all you do for the first year of business, you’ll create a powerful foundation for your business’ future.

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