Stagecoach bus advertising a poncey movie!

Some cool stamp collecting images:

Stagecoach bus advertising a poncey movie!
stamp collecting
Image by Gene Hunt
Mama Mia! – The Movie!

I certianly WON’T be watching this girly crap! I’d rather start collecting stamps or wrappers from old Heinz tins of beans than watch tripe like this! (Sorry Mama Mia fans but gotta express my views on this!) šŸ˜›

Seen here at Wythenshawe Bus Station on Saturday 6th December

Douglas, Massachusetts Letter
stamp collecting
Image by Svadilfari
An 1885 cover from Douglas, Massachusetts that I recently purchased at auction

bibliophilately revisited
stamp collecting
Image by americanlibraries
Spread from "Bibliophilately Revisited," an article by Larry T. Nix in the February 2000 issue of American Libraries

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