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*** Game Available on the App Store *** In Stamp Art Fever you are a stamps collector continuously searching for new pieces to add to your collection. Probably as far back as 1839 Sir Rowland Hill did not think that its reform of the postal system would have inspired the creators of this game for iPhone/iPod. The Famous Penny Black was the first of countless stamps used around the world to send letters carrying news of all kinds. Soon, collectors around the world began to take care of them and rare specimens acquired an enormous economic value. Stamp Art Fever revolutionize your virtual world, great graphics and a perfect game of chances allow this application to become a must have. Download it immediately and begin to categorize your stamps !! You have several ways to get the stamps you are looking for: the Philately and the Black Market. The game is enlivened by events, such as fire and theft, which could slow down your career. Main game elements: -Visit the Philately and make your purchases; -Sell to shop your duplicates and create a portfolio with which buy the missing; -Search your missing copy in the Black Market; -Increase your credit “dirty” on the Black Market by selling your duplicates; -Protect your collection from Fire and Theft; -Connect with your friends and propose exchanges (multiplayer). In addition: -help on line with the game rules; -Over 100 original prints and 20 levels of play; -Support for multitasking iOS 4 compatible devices: switch instantly from
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Video Rating: 5 / 5

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