stamp collecting?

Question by Attila the Hun: stamp collecting?
Hi ppl I have a question about stamp collecting, will the value of my stamps make a differance if I sort them out by country? thanks.

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Answer by Booger B
that is up to you..but no..i have sveral thousand stamps..i categorize mine but that has nothing to do with value…that comes from the age of the stamp..where the stamp originated from and variuous other factors…try to get clean stamps..the ones that have been dated have a lessor value..also get a book on the value of tell you alot..

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  1. kool_kidz_knitting2 says:

    It probably would be helpful to sort them by country just for organizational and viewing purposes, (that’s what I do with my stamps) but it’s the stamp, rarity, and quality that really contributes to its value.

  2. Art Mongan says:

    Sorting your stamps by country will permit you or anyone looking to know what stamps you have. Most general collectors sort by country to place in their stamp album or to be able to look in a general worldwide stamps catalog.
    Sorting dose not increase the value of an individual stamp other than to be able to check the catalog value.
    I’ve been collecting for over 70 years and have changed what I was most interested in several times. There is always more to enjoy.
    Happy collecting, Art

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