Stamp Collecting & Inverted Jenny Plate Block Live!–APS StampShow 2007

Portland KATU AM Northwest’s interview with Alex Haimann discussing rare stamps and postal history from the Inverted Jenny to a letter carried by the famous Pony Express. Fred Baumann, Director of Public Relations for the American Philatelic Society talks about the fun of stamp collecting and the 2007APS Stampshow in Portland, Orgeon.
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Stamp collecting is a great hobby, with plenty of interesting facts to learn about stamps. In this clip, Charlie interviews three eager stamp collectors who brought in a very, very valuable stamp.

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26 Responses to “Stamp Collecting & Inverted Jenny Plate Block Live!–APS StampShow 2007”

  1. creamofcardstv says:

    Great hobby! What’s your favourite stamp?

  2. elephantdick69 says:

    interesting, I love stamp collecting

  3. HrundiSubscribes says:


  4. GAMINDORE says:

    Want to swap stamps ? Contact me !

  5. VietzMuscle says:

    stamps collecting is fun .. very fun !!

  6. stomp919 says:

    Stamp Collecting is addictive and fun! Give a kid a quality album, hinges ,tongs, assortment of newer AND older stamps and most will collect for a lifetime.

  7. pennyondime95 says:

    one piece of that jenny sold almost a million US dollar and you have a block of FOUR. no wonder if you ask for 3 million US dollar for that..a bargain! I do have double denomination 11 cents only one existed with major dramatic variety and not a flipover.. pennyondime95

  8. bastamps says:

    Thanks for your comment!

  9. cgva says:

    Amazing stamps!

  10. ratedr739 says:

    Awsomwe collection…Enjoy..

  11. IMA60SKID says:

    Whats the best way to find the year of stamps.

  12. jeng3000 says:

    I commend trying to get younger people into stamps. It is pretty much dead here in America. Go to stamp shows and it’s nothing but grayhairs (no offense intended). I’m 39 and I’m usually the youngest person there.

    I do have to say, I learned so much about the world from collecting stamps. I knew what languages all the African countries spoke by age 12 just by collecting their stamps. If teachers knew better, they’d realize that it’s an easy way to get kids interested in the world.

  13. boretime says:

    I have been collecting stamp about 15 years.

  14. DonReedProductions says:


  15. creamofcardstv says:

    nice stamps

  16. 99chris1 says:

    Great vid, stamp collecting rules

  17. GAMINDORE says:

    The robot’s voice is cool

  18. blabberlolly says:

    lol my sis is on that

  19. stampguy1972 says:

    OK, I realized it’s from New Zealand.

  20. stampguy1972 says:

    Where is this video from? Australia? I’ve never seen it before.

  21. SeymourWhiskers says:

    I love stamps.

  22. kraigus says:

    i love my pastime:)

  23. bmxpeter8 says:


  24. mashaallah58 says:

    i have millions of stamps i buy, sell and exchange, thanks

  25. mashaallah58 says:

    i have also millions of stamps willing to exchange, sell and buy

  26. tamobanter says:

    yeh stamp collecting for life…thats how i roll

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