Stamp collection?

Question by -BrownEyedBeauty-: Stamp collection?
I am starting a stamp collection and I am totally new to this! What is the best way to store and display them?! Thanks

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Answer by mom 12
I never saved stamps But if your going to be a serious collector you should get a good quality album with acid free pages to store and display them.

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  1. Dog trainer says:

    You should visit a dealer and ask for a used “stockbook”. This is a kind of album with no photos but with 4 to 9 strips of transparent paper. You slide stamps behind the transparent paper and you do not need to stick any stamp on pages.

    Ask for the maximum of stripes per page (7 or 8)

    Then when you have an idea of the way to display your collection, you will buy an album.

    An album will fetch at least $ 30-$ 30 compared to a $ 5.00 stockbook, maybe less for a used one.

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