Stamp Collection

Stamp Collection
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10 Responses to “Stamp Collection”

  1. SuperBowman88 says:

    i got my stamps frm the 4 stamp and i just bought about 700 famous and all different unused unique stamps for $77 and it consist of famous elvis tamps and marlyn monroestamps very collecteble

  2. mlstarfighter1 says:

    where doyou get them all

  3. fangurl84lol says:

    wow! that’s a lot… How many years have u been collecting stamps?

  4. creamofcardstv says:

    What is your favorite stamp?

  5. nextgengames1 says:


  6. JanAppeldorn151 says:

    @anushan98 Arabic gom

  7. 12ryguy says:

    no life

  8. marslife66 says:

    see How to Mount Stamps video…

  9. wmstr353 says:

    i have a small collection but it is alot off fun

  10. anushan98 says:

    WOW! how do u put the stamps onto the paper?

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