Stamp collection – Philately

The Worlds Honours – Armenia
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sending mail just got ugly. now it’s up to Patty the Posty to sort it all out. And now it’s up to you to sort things out on What are you chicken? Bwak Bwak Bwak!

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30 Responses to “Stamp collection – Philately”

  1. sese8774 says:

    from HU.

  2. MrDeadMan4 says:

    i have a collection of cccp stamps and some are whit armenia, , i only wonder whats the price of them?

  3. Bgrazier says:

    the song at 05:00 is very nice. vivaldi?

  4. ArmenianBeauty01 says:

    I learn SOO MUCH from all your videos! THANK YOU BEAUTY :)

  5. HrundiSubscribes says:


  6. stampguy1972 says:

    A sheet of stamps or is a unit of stamps as printed, usually on large sheets of paper based on the size of the printing plate, that are separated into panes that are sold at post offices. A miniature sheet is a smaller than normal sheet of stamps issued only in that form or in addition to the normal full panes of stamps.

  7. delanceyamy says:

    what is the difference between sheetlets and miniature sheets?
    i really need to know
    waiting for ur reply!

  8. MRV1939 says:

    i have the Canadian stamp.honoring armenians for being the first christian nation 301 AD.thank u for the Canada.

  9. cricketbat08 says:

    Very interesting collection!

  10. hobbistheworld says:

    very good great video

  11. HayJJ says:

    great job! thank you.

  12. lrulez555 says:

    technically i know english,armenian,and Assyrian

  13. armenoaryan says:

    thanks for the video!! it’s simply great!!

  14. vonpazzo says:

    The world honours the proud armenian nation

  15. apo443 says:


  16. BeautySavesWorld says:

    Only from today we r ” friends” lol….I know ur Assyrian and I am Armenian;-)

  17. lrulez555 says:

    i think i shud be yur frend buuuut did u know that im an assyrian too?

  18. djagreeable says:

    sweet keep it up u have talent 5/5

  19. nickcobakt says:

    very good!!!!!!!

  20. BeautySavesWorld says:

    Thank you ;-)Didn’t know abt that stamp, I heard Canada issued a stamp dedicated to the martyred Armenian journalist Hrant Dink in Turkey…

  21. zsoltp2007 says:

    Congrats. This is really a great video that somehow has the effect of connecting the world. THANK YOU FOR THE EFFORT! For your parttwo there is a great Canadian stamp series celebrating 1000 years of Armenian Christianity.
    — a Canadian guy, Zsolt

  22. ConservativeVoiceUSA says:

    Awesome video. Thank you for sharing it with us. 5*****

  23. BeautySavesWorld says:

    sister he he πŸ˜‰

  24. FATZOIAN says:

    B R A V O !!!!!!

  25. tagyhi says:

    Abressssss !!!!! wonderful !!!!!

  26. seppesai says:

    is the mailman triyng him not to be sad by changing the letters?

    cool vid but theres something weird eith it…:/

  27. doubletapm4 says:

    dont really get it ether… but still funny

  28. kobweb999 says:

    i dont geddit eder.. he was tryin 2 get his own letter of that guy?

  29. andersoncomedy says:

    It’s the shirt. It’s a Hawaiian shirt.

  30. rahjahdat says:

    i dont gettit. and what does this have to do with hawaiian?

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