StampManage USA 2010 Scott Catalog Stamp Collecting Software Reviews

StampManage USA 2010 Scott Catalog Stamp Collecting Software

  • Save hours of data entry by picking from thousands of complete variety listings of stamps from the USA & US Possessions, including virtually all sub-varieties. 12,180 hi-resolution images are included to help identify the stamps you own.
  • Comprehensive and up-to-date Market Valuations in several grades, including Plate Block and Mint Sheet valuations where applicable.
  • Use our amazing eBayT search feature to quickly search current (and completed) auctions by SCOTTT number…A great way to find the recent selling price of stamps you wish to sell or buy.
  • Liberty Street Software is officially licensed to use the SCOTT stamp numbering system
  • Catalog your Mint and Used single stamps, Plate Blocks, First Day Covers, PNC Strips and more.

Complete listings for stamps from the United States & US Possessions. Just released 2010 version with the latest issues up to June 2009 – Scott# 4422. 19,900 Stamps & 14,500+ Images.
Use StampManage USA stamp collecting software to catalog and value US stamp collection. StampManage USA is licensed by SCOTT to use their industry standard numbering system. Includes a huge database of United States stamps, complete with images, all indexed by the industry standard Scott numbering system. Now includ

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List Price: $ 39.95

Price: $ 39.95

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5 Responses to “StampManage USA 2010 Scott Catalog Stamp Collecting Software Reviews”

  1. Old Crow says:

    Review by Old Crow for StampManage USA 2010 Scott Catalog Stamp Collecting Software
    Overall, StampManage is a reasonably good application for keeping an inventory of your stamp collection. It is fairly easy, if a little tedious, to enter your stamps and provides a number of canned reports. There are some annoying quirks however. It does not provide a very comprehensive list of stamp types in its drop down menu. For example, plate number singles, one of my specialties, is not included. You can type it in, but have to do this for each stamp. There is no way to add to the table. There is no way to import data from another application, even other commercial ones which export data in comma delimited formats. There is no undo function, which can be disastrous. Because of some bugginess in the program it is easy for something to go wrong that can’t be undone without restoring a backup. For example, when trying to enter a range of stamps into a collection by using the normal Windows highlight/shift-click method, it sometimes will select EVERY item previous to the last one in the intended range. Not good if you don’t notice. Such as the time it entered about a thousand unintended stamps into my collection. So, I end up doing constant backups. Some of the canned reports are odd, making me think that whoever designed them is not a collector. For example, one “standard” report seems to print the stamp data in random order, which makes it pretty useless for any purpose.

    The worst of it though, is the lack of technical support. They do not respond to repeated emails. They have a technical support forum, but due to what seems to be a bug, I have never been able to get authorized to post to the forum.

    I’ll probably keep using the software unless or until I can find something else that suits my needs and allows me to import the data I’ve entered into StampManage. But overall, it’s been a rather disappointing experience.

  2. Kenneth C. Plante says:

    Review by Kenneth C. Plante for StampManage USA 2010 Scott Catalog Stamp Collecting Software
    Although I would like to see an update to this software, I must say it is a must have for novice to intermediate stamp collector.

  3. E. Uecker says:

    Review by E. Uecker for StampManage USA 2010 Scott Catalog Stamp Collecting Software
    This program could be great if you could get a hold of someone at technical support to help you. Downloaded the program and none of the stamp images appeared. Have tried unistalling and re-installing at least 7 times. Product manual is not helpful and hardly has any information on installing or trouble shooting.

  4. T. L. Williams says:

    Review by T. L. Williams for StampManage USA 2010 Scott Catalog Stamp Collecting Software
    As a new stamp collector, this is by far THE best of the best EVER stamp collecting book in the world. I am tickled pink by this item! Thanks StampManage USA for this fabulous product!

  5. Joseph Ornelas says:

    Review by Joseph Ornelas for StampManage USA 2010 Scott Catalog Stamp Collecting Software
    This is really a great product! I am a new guy to stamps but love the help!!!

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