Star Wars usps Stamps be worth anything jedimasters stamp collecting collector?

Question by Vboy303: Star Wars usps Stamps be worth anything jedimasters stamp collecting collector?
I’m not a stamp collector.. nor am I a big Star Wars fan (more of a trekkie – but that’s controversial and totally off the topic). Well while standing in yet another long Monday line at the post office. I noticed a flyer regarding these Star Wars stamps coming out in May 25th. My question is to all the stamp collectors out there – what is your take on these? I think they are rather cool and wonder how much they’ll be worth in a short amount of time or will it take time for them to be worth anymore than their face value.

Also where do you go to check how much a stamp you have is worth .. And where do you keep your collection. Thanks

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Answer by Brandenburg 5
The stamps you see displayed at the post office are not likely to ever be worth much more than their cost. Many people will buy them, so there will be a large supply in the market, enough to handle the demand. The post office is likely to keep selling them for at least six months, unless they sell very rapidly and the post office decides not to reprint.

What may very well be a good investment is the set of three Star Wars Express Mail envelopes available only by mail order. Because these cost over $ 40 each set, not many people will buy them, and they are only on sale for a few months. After they are no longer available, there may be a big demand from people who later decide they want them.

Many public libraries have stamp catalogs that you can consult to find out how much a stamp is worth. However, checking a large number of stamps is very tedious. If there is a stamp dealer (look in the yellow pages) near you, or a stamp show where there are stamp dealers, you can ask one of them.

I keep my most of my collection in albums. There are special pages for keeping stamps. Some are kept in envelopes in boxes. Valuable stamps are best kept in a safe deposit box if you are worried about fire or theft.

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